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How to plan an eco-friendly wedding? - with Holly Perrier

a certified wedding planner, and event designer. She is the owner and founder of Perrier Planning Inc. - an eco-conscious event planning company in Canada.

She has a BA in English Literature and is certified through WPIC. Featured on Today’s Bride, The Wedding Co., Hitched, Wedding bells 2019. member, certified green wedding professional.

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Best ways of having a COVID-safe
and eco-friendly wedding:

  • Having a waste management plan. Make sure you have a plan for proper bins for everything and who will take those away at the end.
  • Having a sanitization station when guests walk in.
  • Disposable masks. Purchase a pile of cloth masks from a local vendor on Etsy. Guests who don't have a mask can take one of those homes and have a souvenir from your wedding. Write something on the mask or put a design.

E-vites VS. Paper Invites

You can do e-vites 100% of the time. In this day and age, people check their emails as much as they check their physical mail.

Use alternatives: banana leaf paper, recycled cotton paper, hemp paper, or even plantable seed paper. In addition, use them for other parts of the wedding.

Eco-friendly ways to make place cards:

Write the names of your guests on pieces of chocolate or cookies. Guests will eat them, and it is zero waste. Make place cards from the plantable seed paper that guests will plant at home and have a memory of the wedding.

Use fresh flowers with minimal damage to nature

  • Make sure flowers match your wedding color palette.
  • Be aware of when you're getting married and what flowers are growing locally around you at that time.
  • Find a flower farm a few kilometers from your wedding to decrease the carbon footprint of your wedding.
  • Stay away from getting flowers sent in from other countries.
  • Try dried flowers. After the wedding, you put them in tiny vases, and guests can take home a little dried flower arrangement.
  • Using potted plants instead of flowers gives that lovely lush, green aesthetic.

How to find an eco-friendly venue?

There are specifically eco-friendly vendors or venues. If your venue isn't promoted as eco-friendly - here are some points to go through

  • Make sure that the venues can serve things plastic-free.
  • They're using glass water jugs.
  • Ask questions about their garbage and recycling, make sure that they're following the proper waste disposal.
  • If they have LED lights, that's energy savings.
  • Their cleaning products are beginning to be eco-friendly.

These questions show that you want to put your money towards places, venues, vendors who are eco-conscious and who are putting some thought into the environment.

Destination wedding. How do you make that more eco-friendly?

The destination wedding can be eco-friendly. The main thing about it not being eco-friendly is the carbon footprint. Do not bring all of the vendors from your city. Hire local companies and vendors in the area.

Eco-tourism is a booming industry right now. Find places and countries that are working on that. Costa Rica, for example, is one of the leading eco-friendly countries in the world.

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