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      22 products

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      Best Wood Signs for Home to Make It Cozy

      Approaching New Year Eve, Christmas, and just a winter vibe dictates some changes with your house decor. If you do not know what to decorate it with, think about custom wood signs for home. You will love them!

      Why Wood Sign Decor?

      Wood signs for home are trending over the last decade, as people more and more think about customizing their environment rather than stopping on remodeling the flat only. Today, such a handmade decoration may satisfy many cravings, as they are fit for any room. Nursery, bathroom, living room, lobby, and kitchen may perfectly accommodate such wood sign decor.

      The idea behind making these hobby accessories was simple. There are lots of similar products either with a top-notch quality but skyrocketing prices, or poor quality and lower prices. We believe you do not want to compromise on both. Therefore, these custom wood signs for home would cost you significantly less.

      You may choose wood signs for homes of different colors, and do not be scared of paint hazardous content. All products are painted with water-based paints that are fully environmental and meet EU safety standards. We paint every piece 3 times to prolong its durability in look, but it won’t be toxic for you.

      When speaking of the actual wood used, there is ½ birch plywood.

      Wood Sign Wall Decor

      How to choose a perfect wood sign wall decor? You should first understand what size you actually require. Here comes an old-good friend, a ruler. Proceed with measuring the wall where you would like to put it. If you want to have this product in the form of your name, you should bear in mind that the longer the name is, the lower the letter’s size is. For example, for a long name, such as with a Margarita, letters will be minimized in size to put it on the wall. So, if possible, go for short names.

      Afterward, decide on the color and font. There are many options; however, ensure they will fit the color of your room.

      Personalized Wood Signs for Home

      Finally, do not forget that personalized wood signs for home may be a go-choice as a gift. Choose one, and present it to your family or friends. You may then help attach it and participate in such a heart-warming process. 

      Some ideas for your future Wood Sign Decor:

      • To place on the outdoor wall - Hello or Welcome wood signs;
      • To place it as a name of facility - A rustic wooden sign indicating that it is a farmhouse;
      • Have it personalized as your favorite sayings to motivate yourself at home;
      • Small initials of your love;
      • Make it with a number or date of when your baby was born.

      Personalized wood signs for home are available in custom sizes of 12 ", 18", 24 ", 36", 42 ", 48", 50 ". They all can be attached with a double-sided tape or hangers. 

      Finally, such homemade decor is a product that may be illuminated during the winter days.