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      9 products

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      Modern Wooden Animals As the Best Decoration for the Nursery: Buy Cute Wall Signs Online

      If you are eager to make the nursery more cute and cosy, handmade wooden decorations will be a good choice. Their design is minimalistic. So, you will easily make your home fashionable and modern. However, what wooden decorations are the best for the children’s room? Magnetic hand carved wooden animals are what you are looking for!

      What Wooden Farm Animals to Choose for Decoration?

      If your child is an animal and nature lover, wooden animals will be a real surprise! This wall decor looks modern and special. Natural wooden animals will create a cool atmosphere at your home. For example, if you purchase wooden safari animals of different sizes, you will make the nursery of the African safari or jungle style. On the other hand, if you buy wooden farm animals, your kid will know more about pets and farm animals.

      All in all, it is up to you what species of animals to choose. Nevertheless, any choice will be right because such wooden animals that are well hand carved and painted will help your baby to explore the world faster and more illustratively. So, feel free to order both wooden woodland animals and wooden zoo animals, and create the natural atmosphere at the nursery.

      Wooden Safari Animals: What Are the Advantages of Wooden Woodland, Zoo, Safari, and Farm Animals?

      If you still don't understand what are advantages of wooden lacing and staking animals, read the list of their features and characteristics.

      • High quality.

      If you worry about the quality of paints on such a wooden block of animals, you should know that for making this beautiful decor only the water-based paint is used. It is completely environmentally friendly. So, your baby will not have any problems with skin irritation or something like that.

      As for wood used for making such decorations, the birch plywood is the most common material for creating such beautiful wall signs. It does not have any smell, so it will not become a reason for allergies.

      • Wide selection.

      The product mix of such items is not little. The number of animals of various species and sizes is great. You can choose any wooden animal wall decor, be it a tall wooden Australian kangaroo or a mini wooden sea mammal. 

      What is more, you can choose wooden animals of any size. For example, if you have a small nursery, it will be enough for you to buy mini signs that just complement the cute atmosphere in the room.

      Small Wooden Animals: Where to Buy Small and Large Wooden Stacking Animals?

      Wall decorations play an important role in the creation of a cosy atmosphere in the nursery and the house as a whole. Very often just a few small or large wooden animals can add to and even complete the unfinished interior making it modern and somewhat special.

      So, if you are a parent who wants to decorate the nursery or just are looking for a good gift for your friends’ children (be they toddlers or just babies) wooden handmade animals will be a good choice! Minimalist design, high-quality materials and wide product range will undoubtedly attract your attention! Choose the best for babies!