20 Best Wedding Decorations Ideas in 2021-2022: Wedding decor with Chanda Daniels

How To Decorate A Wedding:
Best Wedding Decorations Ideas and tips with Chanda Daniels

She is a creative Director of Chanda Daniels and Owner of A Monique Affair, one of the leading event planning companies in the San Francisco Bay Area.

How to choose colors for the wedding decorations?

  • Start with your venue: find the venue that matches the style you want to go with and attracts you. Based on the type of venue (outside or inside), you can start choosing colors.
  • Tie everything into the design based on your venue instead of trying to go against it. Сomplement and decorate, not change the venue.
  • Start with neutral colors. Try pinks, a lot of the blush, all of those timeless and classic colors that people typically gravitate towards. Think of all shades of the neutrals. Pink is a safe color story that everybody can start with.
  • Coffee colors are an option too. Regardless of what your venue looks like, these colors will fit everything.
  • Have an idea where to start, because otherwise, you will get lost. If you pick your cup before everything else and have a venue - that's the opposite, you start regretting your choices. Do it the other way around, and you will be excited because you can get inspired by looking at the floor and the carpet, or by the colors of the wall or the windows drapery.

How much should people budget for the wedding decor?

A comfortable budget for decor would be starting at least at $40,000. The decors mean your florals, your rentals, and also stationery because everything is tied. $40,000 is a good starting point.

Depending on your style, that budget can go up. That's a good starting range to be at and to feel comfortable and have choices and options.

Are there wedding decorations that are a must-have?

Have linens that will pop out. Linens, especially velvet linens and lovely napkins that people can touch and admire when they sit down, are a big deal.

Rent or buy wedding table signs and chair signs because they can change everything. Think about your pictures and all of that you want people to be wowed when they walk in. Those wedding chair decorations and table ideas are elements that the guests will look at first.

Rustic theme is quite popular all around. So here are few rustic wedding decor ideas – add some work on your table numbers, menu elements, napkin rings, and little things you can put on each person's playset.  

  • Try candles. Cluster a bunch of candles on a table. Try different candles, shapes, sizes.
  • There are no rules about flowers, but don't get very fragrant flowers because your guests might have allergies or the smell will interrupt everything.
  • Be very creative within whatever budget that you have.
  • Is it obligatory to have a welcome sign?

    The welcome sign leads people and tells them your couple story, so write your story.

    Signs should tie into the fonts and the feel of your emanations of your save the date, your menu, all of those paper goods and bar signs, all of that should tie into a cohesive look of your day.

    It's not obligatory. The only thing that you should have at your wedding is an officiant and a license. Everything else is how you and your partner tell your love story and what resonates with you. Nothing should be performative.

    How to use wedding decor afterward?

    Your guests will take centerpieces anyway. Pass your table signs on so someone else will reuse them again at the wedding.

    The decor you use in your entertainment, put it into your entertainment chest, and start using it at home.

    Top tip on where to start wedding decorations?

    Pick your venue first and go along with your venue. Everything else becomes cited that can tie into your wedding dress, into your wedding attire. Find a venue first.

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