About us

These important moments that you keep in the details around.

How Did Everything Start?

We have been in business since 2014 producing wedding decor and accessories. Our main regions are the US and Canada. Over the years, we received hundreds of positive reviews from our customers and successfully become Etsy’s bestseller. Our success was mentioned by Forbes, EBA, Delo, Unlimit, and other media.

However COVID-19 affected many businesses, so did ours. Once we thought about making something cute and special for our customers that could bring some warm and positive feelings to their homes during this hard time. And that is how we came up with the idea of making our beautiful wooden decor items. 

Why And How Do We Do This?

We are like an artist who starts drawing a picture with a blank canvas and is limited only by his imagination. The same to us, where the canvas is a wooden board for everything we could imagine. This inspires us to create such diverse, unique, and personalized items that fill your homes with glow and coziness.

In fact, each of our team members is very strict about the quality of their work: whether it is making a design, selecting natural materials, laser-cutting, painting, and even packing. There are no compromises for them. We thoroughly control the product manufactury at every stage and can remake the item as many times as needed until it’s perfect.

We value the uniqueness and personalization that we put on your items. After all, this is what makes value, not sizes, colors, or shapes. The most important thing is this personalization, which is only yours, not anyone else’s. Your happiness is our inspiration to continue doing what we do every day with even greater diligence. We are here to capture your story and bring it to your home.

Who Is The Team?

We proudly put together a team of committed professionals who love creating beautiful and high-quality items and thus benefit customers.

  • A Design team creates all these beautiful designs, forms, and shapes.
  • A Production and fulfillment team thoroughly produces and ships your orders.
  • A Customer service team of caring people who help you every day with your questions.
  • A Marketing and business development team are people who do their best in order to cover the market.

What Is Next?

We strive to make a captured piece of the important moment for every family and couple in the world. And it could be anything – a baby’s name, a wedding vow, or even a birth date of their doggo. We just want to have it captured for you!