How to Plan a Wedding Ceremony, Planning Your Wedding Ceremony, top tips and guide

How To Plan A Perfect Wedding Ceremony - with Kia Marie

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Things to remember when planning a ceremony

  • Consider the weather in the place where you have a wedding. Do not do the ceremony in the hottest period of the day, but not too late to have good lighting.
  • Have good planner and start on time.
  • Plan accordingly. It is impossible to guess the weather in advance, but you can have a plan B. Be prepared for bad weather.
  • Keep the hairstylist or the makeup artists at least when the reception starts, so the bride and the groom are fresh.

Tips for having an original style of seating that's a little more unique but still comfortable

Use chairs and incorporate a little sofa here and there. If it's during COVID, space it out slightly for everyone's comfort level because some people may not like being close to people.

Who should officiate the ceremony?

Family is a great option. They might fit better in officiating the wedding. They may be great speakers and amazing storytellers. Those things play well with an officiant. Know what you want: more of a comedic type of ceremony or super sentimental and romantic style, and pick the right person for that.

How to afford musicians when you have a strict budget?

Hire someone just for the ceremony or just for that walk-in. A budget-friendly option is your local college of arts or University of arts, where kids specialize in music and art.

What can replace wedding programs?

Do huge beautiful signage to have the program right at the front so people can read that.

Do fun things or sweet quotes from the bride and groom, funny sayings, or nicknames that they call each other.

Make a little cute pop quiz. Guests should have something to do while they're waiting for the ceremony to start.

Pets at ceremonies

Get your pet sitter or take them to one of those luxurious doggy hotels so they can get pampered If they're not allowed in the reception.

Top tips for having the most beautiful and unique ceremony

  • Have something to greet your guests with when they arrive. Lovely refreshments. Have your guests take a shot, a mocktail, just water or flavored water. Know your guests in that aspect.
  • Start on time, especially if it's outdoors. No one wants to be outside in the hot sun waiting on you to get started.
  • Have the music playing while they enter. Make sure you plan for your DJ or live entertainment to come there at least 45 minutes before guests arrive.

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