Wedding Cake Topper Letters

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      Get Top Wedding Cake Topper Letters from Crawoo

      Decorations for weddings are many, of any color, material, and paying capacity. However, like any potentially-married couple, you want to get the non-trite accessories and things to impress all of your guests. That’s why you may go for cake topper letters for wedding, and forget about drawing with chocolate your initials. Why us?

      Why Choose Cake Topper Letters for Wedding?

      Wedding cake topper letters are common among such receptions, however, companies that make and sell them go the extra mile to add something interesting. Crawoo service offers fantastic wedding cake topper monogram letters which meet all safety standards. They are fully safe for both adults and children. Beyond that, they are all hand-painted and made of strong plywood.

      When choosing the best cake topper letters for wedding with us, you may order a custom size of each. In particular, the whole measurements of your cake topper will depend on both the design and letter themselves you would like to have.

      Note, if you plan to order wedding cake topper monogram letters, there might be some details you should be aware of. For instance, letters including “j” and “i” have dots in their structure. Logically to assume, they are not connected to the letters. Thus, Crawoo will connect their dots to the base of each letter. Otherwise, you may order without them or them in Capital letters, how you wish.

      Trends in Wedding Cake Topper Monogram Letters

      Nowadays, you may notice many trends ongoing around wedding cake topper letters including monogram, figurines attached, geek, beach style like in sandy colors among others. Depending on your special preferences, each design of letters may be customized per your wedding day. You solely decide on the color you want the figures to be painted with. Keep in mind, the paint used for coloring the letters meets EU safety standards, and won’t do harm to your system.

      Additional food for thought, you may even choose black, golden, silver colors to make your cake topper letters for wedding look kind of luxurious or matchy if you have a dark-colors-themed party.

      Who Makes Wedding Cake Topper Letters?

      Don’t think that every person may easily make wedding cake topper monogram letters. The same, please don’t laugh reading that it is a mastership. At Crawoo, our craftsmen put their whole soul and joy to make your product perfect. They ensure the paint and figures themselves look smooth and good. And, they double-check every letter on sharpness, so your kids or friends won’t harm themselves. Normally, we do all the orders faster if you do not have any extra design requirements. For fast orders, and deliveries, you may always request DHL express, however, please ensure to inform us about your deadlines.

      Ready to get your personalized wedding cake topper letters? Pre-order them with us, and make your wedding video special by filming such a cute cake that commemorates you with your partner’s initials. Crawoo makes any party special, and joyful.