Wooden Growth Chart

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      15 products

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      Wooden Growth Chart: A Nice Décor Element and Measuring Tool

      The growth of a child is an indicator of the correct level of development. However, it is not always possible to observe this parameter. A couple of decades ago, children's growth charts belonged to medical instruments, and they could only be seen in a doctor's office. At home, the physical development of children was recorded with pens or markers on the door frames. 

      Today, hardly anyone dares to spoil the interior with unsuitable details, leaving marks on furniture, wallpaper, or frame structures in doorways. It is more practical to buy a personalized wooden growth chart with a ready-made measurement ruler, which will allow you to monitor the development of the baby on a monthly basis.

      Personalized Wooden Growth Chart: Decorate Your Baby’s Nursery

       A DIY custom wooden growth chart in the form of a giraffe or other animal will become a nice interior element of the nursery. We offer a wide selection of personalized wooden growth chart ideas to choose from. Get a personalized growth chart wood in the form of a cartoon hero, a beloved animal, surfboard, etc. It is not difficult to choose a product according to the theme of the interior. All models are made of high quality and safe, natural materials with rich colors you can choose according to your taste.

      Personalized Wooden Growth Chart: A Great Gift to a Baby

      Do you rack your brains on what gift to choose for your friend’s baby or your own child? A custom wooden growth chart is an original present every kid will be glad to get. You can choose the size, color of the growth chart on wood, and other parameters. It can be either giant, small for the newborn, or an oversized wooden chart for a wall. A personalized ruler wood chart on a stick may contain a photo of the kids, the family name, or any other meaningful phrase or picture. It can be unfinished or painted in any color according to your personal wants and needs. We use only non-toxic paints.

      Growth Chart on Wood:  Order It Here and Now

      Don’t look further for the high-quality wooden growth chart. Our talented craftsmen will be glad to make your dreams come true and realize all of your ideas. We’ll create a personalized wooden growth chart based on your personal preferences. You can check what growth chart on wood we offer and place an order within minutes. Tell us how you see a perfect design of the growth chart, and we will deliver a nice chart with slots, pics, and other décor elements.

      Choose the payment method and delivery option and receive your chart for kids’ measuring from our professional craftsmen. We have competitive prices for top-quality interior items for your living space. Don’t hesitate to enter our site and find many cute and essential décor elements for the nursery room and any living space.