Wood Signs Above the Bed

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      15 products

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      Your Personal Wood Sign Above the Bed

      Your sleeping room seems too simple or lacks some warm atmosphere? It is high time to remodel it, but do not hurry up to change it all from scratch. A custom wood sign above the bed may add some vibes to your room and make it super cozy.

      What Is Special in Wood Signs Above the Bed?

      Nowadays, more and more people think of attaching a mirror, painting, or photos above their beds; however, they look very dull and are so-called dust collectors. With a wood sign above the bed, you have a pool for creativity and inspiration. How? First of all, it adds some personalization, as you may literally order any sign, we mean - initials, name, date, or even your favorite quote. For instance, when you come to the sleeping room, you may see a quote - “Never Give In,” which already programs your sleep on some kind of power to change your life. Secondly, you may always decorate wood signs above the bed with fairy lights; hence, every evening it will illuminate with the holiday mood.

      What About the Farmhouse Sign Above the Bed?

      A farmhouse sign above the bed is another option for those who seek it as a gift or just want to decorate their own farmhouse. Furthermore, such signs are a go-choice if you want to place them outside, for instance, above a terrace bed in the entrance where you or friends just chill, enjoying the sun or a cup of coffee. Thus, you may put over the bed wood signs there, indicating the name of your family farmhouse.

      Other Over the Bed Wood Signs

      If farmhouse signs above the bed are not your choice, go for a wood sign above the bed for a nursery room. If you have babies, it will make their room special and cozy. Beyond that, it may become an excellent spot for photoshoots. You may have it painted in different colors, for example, a blue one for boys and a pink one for girls. We want to mention that all our wood signs above the bed are made with natural birch wood and painted with water-based paints that are safe for your babies. Beyond that, our craftsmen use a laser machine cutting to ensure all edges are not sharp but good looking. To place them on the wall, we add a double-sided sticky tape, so you do not run to the hardware store for any equipment.

      Finally, our custom wood signs above the bed are carefully delivered to you. Two layers of styrofoam and an extra layer of cardboard guarantee that your product won’t be damaged upon receiving it. Interesting to order it? Feel free to contact us, and we will guide you through and/or help you with choosing the best design for your wooden signs. In case of any dissatisfaction with the final design or product, we are happy to offer a refund or remake it for you. Your satisfaction with custom wood signs above the bed is our priority.