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Fabulous work! Looks just as displayed on the website and was delivered on time. Would definitely recommend:). I ordered two names so this is a pic before I hung them on the wall.

Tiffany Burnett

I purchased these for our small ceremony wedding this year (11/14/20), but decided to give the a trial run when we got our marriage license! The adjustable fit is perfect for any size or shape face &the lifted nose area makes them stay on very well!

Cheryl Redmond

Five stars across the board

Robert Balagot

Je suis vraiment ravie , il convient parfaitement pour femme et super qualité ! Merci

Ludivine Rougé

My daughter really loved the mask.Great quality and comfortable.

Edward Ortiz

Belle réalisation et la petite boîte est magnifique Le tout livré rapidement et bien emballé dans du bulle

Besserve Allison

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Wooden Home Decor: Original Items for Sale

Everyone strives to equip their own home so as to achieve maximum coziness and comfort. When designing a home, the person, first of all, pays attention to the decor of the walls, floor, and ceiling. Furniture, cornices, and chandeliers also play an important role in achieving maximum harmony. At the same time, it may seem that there are not enough hidden touches to complete perfection.

Home decor can not only complete the creative idea of a person but also emphasize the benefits of design, as well as interior items. To give individuality to home design it is necessary to use high-quality decor from eco-materials. Thanks to large wooden home decor, your house will get a new look. Despite the reasonable price, the custom wooden decor looks good against the background of expensive serial decor items, the price of which is mostly formed by the brand name.

Custom Wooden Decor for Festive or Casual Home Decoration

On this site, you can easily buy wooden home decor items for festive or everyday home decoration. We offer various custom wooden home decor to create a refined atmosphere during the following special events: New Year, Christmas, home celebrations on the occasion of the birthday of a family member, corporate events, weddings, Halloween parties, etc.

Bunnies, rabbits, chickens, and other wooden characters will perfectly cope with the creation of a unique atmosphere during festive events, and add sophistication to the interior during everyday use.

Here you can buy even small wooden home decor accessories to decorate the house, table, and even flower pots.

Wooden Home Decor Items Divided into Categories

All custom wooden decor presented in our catalog can be divided into several categories:

  • Wooden wall decorations (boat wall decor, boxes wall decor, wooden crates, wooden cross wall decor, flip flops wall decor, hearth wall decor, letters wall decor, sayings wall decor, wall signs, angel wings wall decor, words of inspiration wall decor, etc.);
  • Decorative candles, candlesticks, and candlestick lanterns;
  • Wooden figurines (duck, giraffe, horse, etc.) of various shapes and sizes;
  • Wooden letter decor (Welcome, Love, 3D Home, etc.);
  • Ladder shelf decor;
  • Floor standing decorations;
  • Wooden block decor, etc.

The site also offers a wide selection of wooden photo frames, tree of life wall decor, and other original diy accessories.

Wooden home decor items fit organically into various interior styles that are relevant today: high-tech, vintage, loft, minimalism, etc.

Specificity of Buying Custom Wooden Home Decor Online

Buying custom wooden home decor online is quite profitable, as it saves money and time. Specialists who have a lot of interesting ideas for a beautiful decoration of premises will always help with the choice of necessary handmade accessories.

Be sure that here you will find quality products from reliable manufacturers. The price pleases every buyer!