Nursery Initial and name on it
Nursery Initial and name on it
Nursery Initial and name on it
Nursery Initial and name on it
Nursery Initial and name on it
Nursery Initial and name on it
Nursery Initial and name on it
Nursery Initial and name on it
Nursery Initial and name on it
Nursery Initial and name on it

Nursery Initial and name on it

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A refund is issued within 1-3 business days to your bank account. For doing so, please send us proof that the item is wrong or damaged.

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We thoroughly pack every item with Crawoo branding boxes, so you will easily recognise it.

For wooden decor items we attach double-sided sticky tape on the back. So, it’s easy to install it right away.

We also put the item into the wooden cut out frame, so you could position it on the wall.

We often run sales on our items and mention coupons on our Instagram and Facebook.
We also give discounts on your next orders.
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Making your baby’s room truly special.

It’s best to choose a style that will work with ANY future bedrooms you design for your child. That's why you may choose the exact size you need plus change up the colors to fit the style of your nursery

Baby's safety.
We use water-based paints with environmentally friendly formula that meet EU safety standards.
Non-toxic Paintings
Each word is covered three times by painting, so it's highly important to use non-toxic painting. Especially considering the fact that the sign will be in the nursery room.

Wooden texture color only adds color shade to the material and does not change the structure of the wood. The surface structure of each product may vary due to the fact that they are made from natural materials, we cannot influence this ‼️‼️

Natural Wood
We use 1/2 birch plywood for our words.

Now complete your design. It's easy.
To start producing your one-of-a-kind wooden sign follow the steps below.
Choose the length of the sign
It's a ruler's time! Measure a place on the wall where you plan placing the sign so it wouldn't be too small or oversized. Choose the size that fits the best!
Take to notice that the longer the name is the lower the letters' height is (i.e. "Ava" and "Samantha" with the same length chosen would have different letters height).
Choose the color of the sign
We have a bunch of colors available so you could match the sign to your interior color scheme.
Select your favourite font
Every font is beautiful. Choose the most favorite. Also, keep in mind that every word will be connected to each other so the whole name would be a solid one-piece item.
Decide the shipping method you prefer
The total delivery time depends on the region you live in and the shipping method you choose.

We love seeing our customers happy!

Regarding mounting:
The sign can be attached either to double-sided tape or to hangers, double-sided sticky tape is included.

The letter and name are sent separately, so that you can glue them the way you want, for this we attach adhesive tape to the name, which will help you in this.

You can choose the size of the sign that will suit you better. Sizes to choose from: 12", 18", 24".

We will ship your order within 1-2 business days.

There are three delivery options available:
1. Standard Shipping (20+ days)
2. Express Shipping (7-15 days). This option is applied automatically when buying 3+ items and available for the US only
3. DHL Express (1-4 days)