Wooden growth chart ruler – wooden height ruler
Wooden growth chart ruler – wooden height ruler
Wooden growth chart ruler – wooden height ruler
Wooden growth chart ruler – wooden height ruler
Wooden growth chart ruler – wooden height ruler
Wooden growth chart ruler – wooden height ruler
Wooden growth chart ruler – wooden height ruler
Wooden growth chart ruler – wooden height ruler
Wooden growth chart ruler – wooden height ruler
Wooden growth chart ruler – wooden height ruler
Wooden growth chart ruler – wooden height ruler
Wooden growth chart ruler – wooden height ruler
Wooden growth chart ruler – wooden height ruler

Wooden growth chart ruler – wooden height ruler

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Wooden Growth Chart Ruler for Boys and Girls: Every Inch Matters

It’s so amazing and captivating to watch the children grow up. You can hardly find a parent who is not in awe of the kid’s first steps or words. A wooden growth chart ruler is the best helper for parents who want to catch every inch their toddlers grow taller. Crawoo.com is an online store that offers a broad spectrum of options of any size and design.

Growth chart rulers are a crucial element of your kid’s checkup. Although nowadays you may use various applications to control the height and weight of your kids, wooden exemplars are more preferable and desirable. They make the process of measuring the height not only simple but even exciting and interesting. Any parent knows for sure how stubborn kids may be when it comes to taking some measures. With a wooden growth chart ruler, you are unlikely to experience such problems.   

If you still doubt that a wooden height ruler is a must in the nursery, you should consider the following reasons to buy this element:

  • First, it allows you to watch how your children grow. 
  • Children tend to grow up too quickly. However, with the help of a growth chart, you have a fantastic opportunity to catch the smallest changes.  

  • You can keep under control the development of your kids. 
  • Growth charts are not only your memory catchers. They are to provide you with an early warning that your child has medical trouble. At a definite age, a child should be of a definite height. If there are some deviations, it’s necessary to consult the doctor.  

  • It’s possible to create an alluring and unique design with the help of a single ruler. 
  • Growth charts are fantastic decor elements. They are to refresh any nursery make it more alluring.   

    Cute Design Ideas for Every Nursery

    You should be ready to face one problem when choosing the best height chart ruler for your children. The assortment of available variants is so huge that it’s not easy to make the right choice.

    Crawoo.com offers you a broad spectrum of alluring growth charts that can please even the most demanding parents. Yet, to choose a perfect model, it’s necessary to follow such rules:

  • Eco-friendly materials are of prime importance. On the website Crawoo.com, you will find decor elements made of top-quality wood.  The use of toxic plastic is out of the question.  
  • Proper size. It’s up to you to decide how large the height ruler should be. You are to provide designers with definite sizes, and they create a model that fully meets your desires and expectations. 
  • Eye-catching design. Giraffe, rocket, feather are only a few variants of how your growth chart may look like. After that, it’s up to you to choose a color and measurement system.   
  • Simple installation. It takes only a few minutes to hang a ruler on the wall.  
  • Personalization. It’s possible to add the name of the kid to the design of the chart. For instance, it’s a fantastic solution for rulers for twins.   
  • By the way, not only adults appreciate height rulers. It may become a cure tradition or a funny play for kids to check their heights every morning or evening. It’s not a secret that children desire to become older as soon as possible (adults wish they could trade places with their kids). Older means taller. No wonder a height ruler has all the chances to become the most favorable decor element for your kids.  

    So, a wooden growth chart ruler can give you an awesome opportunity to watch how your kids grow, catch the sweetest moments from their childhood, or just share bright and lifelong memories. 

    We use water-based paints with an environmentally friendly formula that meets EU safety standards. So you can be sure that this wooden growth chart ruler is 100% safe.

    Non-toxic Paintings
    Each wooden height ruler is covered three times by painting, so it's highly important to use non-toxic painting. Especially considering the fact that the sign will be in the nursery room.

    Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item.

    Natural Wood
    We use 1/2" birch plywood for our wooden growth chart rulers.

    We attach double-sided strong sticky tape on the back of the growth chart ruler, so it's easy for you to hang it. The tape is included.

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