Toddler room ideas

Expecting a baby is always very exciting. From the very first moment when a couple finds out they will be parents soon they want to give their best to a future child. 

And it’s so great to have this opportunity nowadays. You can start with the very important part the toddler's room. We gathered some toddler room decor ideas to help you with this interesting preparation and to make your kiddo feel comfortable at your apartment. 

Toddler room ideas

Just yesterday you had a newborn in your arms and in a blink of an eye, you have a child who is toddling around and wants to explore the world. Our duty is to help our children to feel loved and safe.

You don’t have to run out of budget if you plan to improve the room. 

Just follow these steps:

  1. Add some personality to your room. 
    All you need is to hang wooden initials on the wall. It looks stylish and reminds all the members of the family who is the owner of this room. Besides, your toddler is too small for a real painting, yet these signs will add some friendly spirit.

  2. Capture the growth changes of your child on a chart.
     baby growth chart is another cool idea to come true. Children grow so fast that we can’t even catch this moment. A growth chart gives double benefits beauty and usefulness. 

  3. Put magic lights and look how everything changes around.
    As we know, children see the world differently than we. Add some fairy lights behind the top of the bed or ceilings stars and your kiddo will be impressed with all this charm.

  4. Create a cozy getaway place.
    We’re sure this place will be most adorable for your children. All the kids from little to big love to spend some time on their own. They like to hide in some places where nobody can disturb them. As we were children we used to build a shelter from chairs and blankets. Now you’ve got a better solution for your kids a children's hut! The corner with adorable play tents and teepees is an excellent place to stay alone to play when the child is little and to read when he grows up. 

  5. Bring order into your child’s room.
    Your toddler is growing as well as its amount of toys. And all this needs more space every month. Buy a cabinet with compartments and put some wicker storage boxes in it. It will give a lot of space for toys and help to teach your child how to keep a room clean. 


  6. Create a charming nursery.
    A perfect nursery has to hold all the necessary equipment and give you a peaceful feeling. If your nursery isn’t big enough, look for furniture with additional storage space. Cum cot with a diaper changing table will save lots of space in your child’s room. It is better to choose white furniture to give space an airy feel.
    Don’t forget to add his name above the bed.


Use these toddler room ideas to create the best place to stay for both you and your little child, and to make unforgettable memories there.   

Toddler boy room ideas 

If you have a baby boy and you decided to renovate his room, you have to create a joyful and harmonious environment for his development. It’s important to remember that during this period he is going through significant changes and builds his personality. Choose the right themes, search for the best ideas to raise a real man with strong intellectual and social skills. 

Let’s have a look at some toddler boy room ideas.

  1. Break stereotypes. 
    Who told you a toddler boy room has to be necessarily blue? Not us! If you plan to add gorgeous simplicity and make the room brighter use white and two pastel shades. Light grey or olive with wooden furniture is also a good idea. These colors will definitely make his room seem larger and also, we guarantee, they will never go out of style. 

    Source: - Pam Rowe

  2. Explore the world together.
    As your little one grows older he wants to understand everything around him, especially how it is done. Little boys like to investigate anything within their grasp just to realize how it works. That’s why a simple wooden puzzle is just what they need! Puzzles will help your toddler to build his fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and will improve his imagination. 
    Moreover, it’s a great addition to a room design and looks so modern.

  3. Go on a safari trip.
    Swath the walls of a bedroom for your boy in an animal-print wallpaper. Use navy blue fabrics to give more depth to the room.

    You may choose teal, mustard, beige, ivory, as the main wall color and add some interest with accent pieces. Instead of teddy bears, place giraffes, elephants, hippo, and tigers near the bed or playing area. 

    Safari themed toy chest is also a must in this room. Your boy will grow into a real adventurer.  

  4. Feel the sea breeze.
    Let’s imagine your little boy is going to be a captain in the future. Why not start making this dream come true from now? Use red, blue, and white paint as the main colors in nautical design. A throw with grey and red stripes represents typical sailor stripes. A great addition to your nautical room decor will be anchors they may be made of wood and hang on the wall or be a part of a pattern on ottoman chairs or pillows.


    The steering wheel will also create a unique atmosphere as well.
    The sea theme for your toddler boy is the best solution for a courageous child. 

We hope your young son will be thankful for having his redesigned room, sharing it with his parents and friends while playing and growing in it. 

Toddler girl room ideas

We’re sure your little princess deserves the best. Try to do as much as you can when you design her room to find the style that suits her personality. 

If you’re tired of pink and candy colors we found some interesting alternative offers to make your girl’s room look chic and sophisticated. 

Look at the ideas below and maybe you can steal some for yourself. 

  1. Night sky with stars.
    This starry atmosphere will impress every little girl. We propose to use a light shade of plum as the main color of the walls and ceiling. Stick stars, the moon, and sleepy eyes on the wall. A pale blue canopy will give a royal charm to this gorgeous room. 

  2. Rainbow and unicorn. 
    Such style suits dreamy girls. Use burst colors for this super cute room decoration. Rainbow is a natural miracle that takes our imagination into the tales where everything is possible. Paint a huge rainbow on the wall and add a wooden one as an accent. Draw a unicorn above the rainbow. 

    If your little girl is obsessed with unicorns, decorate the room with these fluffy toys.

  3. Burgundy for aristocratic and brave girls.
    If you’re searching for something elegant, warm, yet comforting, and juicy burgundy color is the right choice for your little princess. Using the color of French wine in the room makeover you’ll get a place with a strong character that will grow together with your toddler girl. Couple it with pure white or grey furniture and you’ll get a welcoming shelter to stay in. 

    If burgundy is too much for you, bring its quieter variant — muted rose. Using a green leafy print on a pillowcase, and tawny-toffee throw you may feel like you’re actually staying in an autumn forest. Wooden tags on the shelf will add more coziness to this room
    Source: @hallie_and_harrisons_house

  4. Vintage elegance.
    One of the best toddler girl room ideas for those who cherish traditions and love old times is a vintage-style room. Every little girl imagined herself once living in a 19-th century castle. Give your daughter the opportunity to feel like a little princess in her own fairytale. Use white or beige for the wall color, gold trim for a touch of luxury, and a color scheme of pale pink and light gold for the drapes, pillows, and bed skirts.


    Vintage style is also applicable for tiny rooms with high ceilings. The gentle gray color palette creates a calm and composed space. The iron bed is a must for any vintage bedroom. It has a classy look and carries strong antique energy. 

Using these recommendations you’ll create a room, which is a perfection top to bottom!

Toddler room decoration ideas

A toddler room is a place where a child plays, creates, studies, and relaxes. So when it comes to decorating, you have to be very creative to satisfy all these needs. 

If you’re looking for interesting ideas to redo the room for your kiddo you’re in the right place. We have some that will inspire you. 

  1. Paint a wall with chalkboard paint and give your child a space to create as much as he or she wants. If he gets this area for his art he won’t draw on real walls. Use this advice and you’ll say thanks to us one day.

  2. Create a cozy sleeping nook and make it the most adorable place. It’s not difficult to create and be sure, your child will be so happy to have his own little cave. Moreover, beyond the feeling of seclusion, this alcove bed allows plenty of storage.

  3. This idea will provide endless fun for your toddlers, especially if the room is shared between siblings. A slide in the bedroom is one of the best toddler room decoration ideas according to their (kids) words. Why not give them a chance to have so much fun at home? We raise both hands for this interesting idea!

  4. It's a dream bedroom to have. Who was obsessed with treehouses in their childhood? We’re sure you were one of those. That’s why a cute treehouse in a toddler’s bedroom will give the best feelings to your kids, no matter boys or girls.


    Even if the weather is rainy outside, your child will always be busy with his treehouse in his room. Besides, there will always be a wow effect when other children come to his place. 

  5. Another cool idea for the toddler room is to place an indoor rock-climbing wall.
    You’ll not believe it, but it is surprisingly easy to build! The climbing wall will help your children to choose a healthy and active way of life. Believe us, your kiddo will never be bored having this wall. 

    Adding a swing to the room will make the play area feel more unique. Swinging develops muscle activity, flexibility, and balance. On the other hand it is a way to calm down and relax. 
    Thanks to a variety of different materials and designs you will be able to find a perfect indoor swing for your child’s needs.      

We hope you enjoyed our set of toddler room ideas, and they will help you to create a room in which your children want to stay as much time as possible.

Let’s give our kids the opportunity to spend their best childhood they could ever have, because only kids can teach us how to live, feeling everything around us is a miracle.

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