How to make wedding decor?

A wedding is a fantabulous, magical and grandiose event. That is why the bride and groom want every detail of the festive cause célèbre event to be thought out to the smallest detail. The wedding decor is responsible for the atmosphere of the celebration as a whole. Hence, you should know how to make wedding decor properly.

In this article, we will give sound advice on the use of different attributes and help you implement even the most daring ideas without resorting to expensive decorators that ask a lot of money in the early stage of your festivity.

Wedding decoration ideas depend solely on your imagination and are not limited. One has only to decide on the venue of the celebration and its style. How to find wedding decor? What does it take to make a successful wedding ceremony and how to make wedding decor?  It won’t be an uphill task once you take a closer look at our site. There’re tons of options for you if you are ready to tie the knot.

How to decorate your wedding ceremony properly

You can bring a popular eco-style or Provence to life. An abundance of Crawoo wooden decorations, flowers, and airy fabrics all this will make the ceremony area a real paradise for lovers.

The decoration of the hall also opens up space for imagination. In the trend today are thematic events for bygone eras (from antiquity to the 60s and 70s of the last century), stylization for the presentation of the Oscar, famous films, etc.

The drapery of the hall with fabric looks harmoniously with cute crafts. Tie ribbons on bottles and vases, decorate glasses with homemade bows, wrap small prizes in shining organza wrappers and you will definitely receive compliments for your creativity. These gears are mind-blowing.  Congratulations, you did a phenomenal job!


Candelabra, wedding cake toppers, and candles are invariable companions of a romantic atmosphere. Decorating with candles is akin to guaranteeing a long and happy life together. You can also decorate the wedding cake with the initiates of the newlyweds or a personalized crawoo wedding cake topper, which will become a real pearl of the whole celebration.

Decorating the tables with wooden signs: making the holiday memorable

The decoration of tables will look simply charming if you add some fantastic wooden signs. Also, with the help of this accessory, it is easy to decorate the tables and make the wedding ceremony unforgettable.

The wedding ceremony is an exciting, responsible moment since you want this day to become unforgettable not only for the newlyweds but also for the invited guests. It will help to make the holiday original, not like others, unusual wedding decoration, full stylization, accents, placed with the help of details. 

The result will exceed all expectations. A more common decorating strategy is partial stylization, here everything is played up with accents, it can be the color with which the main elements of the hall are decorated and are present in the suits of the bridegroom and the bride and guests as an accessory. 



Crawoo welcome wooden invitations for guests and signs should look very sophisticated. The inscriptions should be done in the form of calligraphy. Refined decor in a classic style will become memorable and unique not only for the participants of the betrothal but also guests of the celebration.

Exquisite table setting

There are no unnecessary details in decorating a table for a classic wedding  the tableware is an element of decor. Exquisite plates with carved patterns are perfect, and crystal glasses will decorate any table. Only lush flower arrangements and candles decorate the table. Luxury doesn't need additional accessories.  


What can be better than roses, but you can use diverse flowers, the main thing is that everything should look organic and solemn. It is better to choose bouquets of white or pastel shades, roses, lilies, peonies, as well as other noble buds that will look good.


As a rule of thumb, it’s an irreplaceable part of the ceremony. Ordinary pill candles will help you create a magical atmosphere. Place them all over the place, the more the better. To prevent the candles from being extinguished by the slightest breath, place them in glass candlesticks, vases, or glasses    make your festivity memorable. 

Fillers for vases

A variety of fillers will help to make the most ordinary glass vase a stylish interior thing. Place them in a vase and the flower arrangement will sparkle with new colors. Anything can be used as a filler: glass and other pebbles, sand, multi-colored crystals, petals, shiny tinsel, beads, buttons, shells, fruits and berries, coffee beans, sweets, marshmallows. Modern wedding décor also uses a gel filler, plus of which is available in a large number of possible shades.


Rose petals can be purchased at any flower shop and kiosk   it won’t cost a fortune. And as a decoration, they look very advantageous. You can sprinkle petals on a snow-white path to the place of the ceremony; guests will shower the newlyweds with them after painting. A scattering of petals on holiday tables also looks astonishing and romantic. You can replace real petals with fabric ones    they do not stain or wither. Sets of these petals are sold in shops with wedding décor and craft supplies. 

Paper lamps

Paper lamps look stylish in a wedding color palette during the daytime and create romantic, soft lighting in the evening. They are perfect both for a restaurant or decorating an outdoor wedding venue. 


Wedding day is not only a day of the merging of two hearts but also a great way to make your most incredible dreams come true. The main thing is that you need to think over all the details in advance, which is a challenging process that requires a lot of time and effort, but the onion is worth peeling. It’s superb to plunge into a completely different world, trying on beautiful images, spending this time romantically and cheerfully, all this is worth the effort.

The general atmosphere of the holiday is created from little things, so the decoration of the hall should be well-thought-out. Start by preparing for the ceremony, intrigue the guests with original invitations.  Where to buy wedding decor for my ceremony? On our site, you’ll find tons of useful wedding decorations that will come in handy and become the ultimate attractions of your wedding ceremony. 

How to find wedding decor? Take a thorough look at the on-site crawoo decorations that we sell: wooden welcome signs, wooden names on the plates, or individual wedding cake toppers. All these fancy color decorations will brighten up your wedding festivity tenfold.  How much does wedding decor cost?  It won’t cost a fortune since our online shop offers you the best wedding decor at reasonable and cheap prices. You will be over the moon from the available offers!

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