Easter decor ideas

There are so many holidays in a year, but when we think about the main Easter is the first thing that comes to our mind. And it’s not necessary to be very religious to feel that. Even if you’re not, the Easter celebration will also bring a smile to your face and peace to your heart.

We’re sure if you want to feel this warm spring holiday deeply decorate your home and garden with creative and colorful things. 

Our new Easter decor ideas will definitely help you with that.  

Outdoor Easter decor ideas

When we’re looking for Easter home decor ideas we have to start from the outdoors. This will happily welcome your guests before they enter your door.  

From traditional Easter bunny, wooden baskets with eggs to DIY Easter wreath we gathered all these ideas together into a list below.

1. Easter baskets or cages.

The hardest thing is to choose which basket or cage will be the best for your yard because all of them are just adorable. Best of all, you can leave them up for all season long or even more! You may find :

Warm brown wooden basket for those who cherish traditions and like a farmhouse design. Put some decorative eggs, add a bit of straw & enjoy.

 Source: pexels.com

Wicker square basket for plants use your bicycle as a piece of art! Decorate it with flowers, using yellow, blues, and purple colors for this composition, and put it near your front door. 

Source: stocksnap.com

A wire cage looks really charming and romantic with those tiny eggs and moss inside. Add a rabbit statue near and you will get fantastic outdoor decor.


Source: www.pinterest.com/pin/19632948350261993/ - Debra Hammond 

2. String Covered Eggs. 

This is one of the best Easter egg decor ideas because it will match any yard, no matter which style you prefer. By DIYing, you could save some money. Use a plastic egg medium or large size, put some glue on it and then wrap it fully up in a string. We promise you, all the neighbors will ask you to sell these eggs to them.

Source: thecountrychiccottage.net

3. Wooden bunny cutout.

Turn your yard into a little forest with these funny and cute rabbits

If you want them to look fancier, then put a bow around their necks made from gorgeous ribbons. 

Source: https://szinesotletek.blog.hu/ 

4. Spring Easter wreath.

Who told you a beautiful wreath is for Christmas only? We'll prove a wreath can be a piece of art in any season and a definite eye-catcher. 

Look for different ideas and find the best for you:

Lovely pastel Easter egg wreath it will brighten any front door and impress your guests with wow effect; 

Source: https://thediymommy.com/ 

Floral meadow wreath is a must-have for any home and brings spring to your place immediately; 

Source: https://www.williams-sonoma.com/ 

Forsythia Nest Wreath the combination of swirling bunches of yellow and white faux forsythia, plus dried quail brush will surely get you in the mood for Easter. More charm it gets with a twig bird's nest and faux blue eggs.

Source: https://www.williams-sonoma.com/ 

Wooden bunny-shaped Easter wreath
is a perfect decoration for any front door. It is just made to be bought right now.

Source: https://partypieces.co.uk/ 

Easter egg decor ideas

You can level up your Easter egg decorating and it's really easy to do.  

Adding some interesting things to your Easter egg glitter, jewels, etc your home will never be the same. As well as you can create something new using eggs. Take a look at these 5 ideas.

1. Easter egg tree. 

    It is a symbol of a new life and this tradition goes from Germany. Mostly it is used inside the house and creates a perfect mood. You may find various types of egg trees made of branches with colored plastic eggs on them, an edible tree with jelly eggs on the top, or a tree made of eggs like a pyramid.

    Source: https://www.hometalk.com/ 

    Also, you can decorate your Easter spring tree with wooden egg-shaped toys. Simply find a big vase, put some beautiful branches inside, hang these wooden eggs onto your tree and place it near a window so it can please an eye.

    2. Easter egg garlands. 

      Paper mache, wool, or plastic Easter egg garland will brighten every part of your home. Dress up a mantel, staircase, or bookshelf with it. These decorations are too stunning to forget.

      Source: https://www.kellyelko.com/ 

      3. Glass vase with colored eggs inside.

        Painting eggs for Easter is always something we look forward to. Add about 20 drops of food coloring when boiling eggs. Remove them all and set them aside to dry. Then put a glass of water in the center of the vase and colored eggs around the glass. At the end put flowers in the water and enjoy your festive table

        Source: http://rangirangi.com/ 

        4. Cracked eggs with a little chick inside. 

          This idea is especially applicable if you have children. They do love all the tiny lovely things. Buy paper mache cracked eggs (big and little) and put a fuzzy chick inside a little egg. It will look like a chick has just hatched. 

          Source: https://www.marthastewart.com/ 

          Fill it with straw and candies your young guests will adore you!

          5. Jeweled eggs.

            Yes, you read right. Jeweled eggs are among the best Easter egg designs modern and ultra-sophisticated. These glamorous eggs will impress even the most demanding audience. No matter how chic they look, they are so easy to recreate at home with plastic eggs, hot glue, shiny pebbles, and a little patience.

            Source: https://www.bhg.com/ 

            Table decor ideas for Easter

            Decorating a table for Easter has become an annual tradition for most families. We can say, it is one of the main activities associated with this blessed holiday. Easter brunch, without any doubt, is one of the most long-awaited parts of the holiday. But to spend it with real pleasure everything has to be decorated first.  

            To help you get started, we have found a bit of fresh advice for table decor ideas.

            1. Vintage cotton tablecloth.

              A tablecloth is the first thing you have to start with, it will surely upgrade your Easter brunch. Buy it in pastel color, maybe with flowers or bunnies (according to your mood), so that will be suitable for different party themes.

              Source: https://www.williams-sonoma 

              2. Easter egg candles.

                Dressing up your table with candles can help you to get into the Easter spirit faster. 

                Source: https://pin.it/3dXjyQz

                3. Easter egg balloons.

                  Balloons always bring a joyful mood to a celebration. Your kids will be happy to help you with this decor. Moreover, they have a very similar shape to eggs just hang them upside down. Then tie the balloon to a chair. Here you are!  

                  Source: https://ohhappyday.com/

                  4. Wooden Easter greeting signs.

                    They are simple, yet elegant and so trendy this year. You can put the sign just in the center of your cake on the table to welcome the arrival of the spring holiday. 


                    Source: https://abeautifulsign.co.uk/ 

                    5. Homemade Easter treats peeps houses.

                      They are so cool and adorable, that it’s even hard to let yourself eat them. You’ll have so much fun doing it with kids! The process is very simple and everything will be done quickly. You just need thick crackers, marshmallow chick peeps, and icing to act as glue. When ready, put one into every guest's plate. Wait for them and laugh together!

                      Source: https://tamaracamerablog.com/     

                      We hope you enjoyed our Easter party decor ideas and you’ll use them while hosting an Easter brunch. All these things will remind your guests how seriously you get this holiday as well as show your care and thoughtfulness. 

                      Use this year's hottest holiday trends and find something that best fits your budget and desires.

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