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Imagine yourself before the grand opening of your own business! Yes, it may be a little cozy cafe, with a small kitchen but for you it is a big thing you dreamed about this all your life. Finally you’re at that point you have enough money to rent, plan for the menu and what it should contain, etc. But let's be clear, is it quite enough for your success?  

Let's think about what can set you apart from the competitors.  

Small cafe interior design 

Nowadays cafes are not only the place where you can take food. Even a small cafe interior design it’s all about showcasing your personal style. 

Sometimes, when I walk downtown and visit different places I ask myself why one place is so crowded, full of visitors and the other, very close to the first one   absolutely empty? The answer is very clear the atmosphere. 

The food and coffee may be just wow at both places, the staff is nice as well, but what makes the most immediate impact is design and decor. 

It doesn’t mean it should cost a million. Even if your budget is low you are able to find cafe decor ideas which are suitable for you. 

What makes sense? What do you usually remember after staying at the small cafe? 

I’m quite sure it’s not the food only. When you finally come home, you think that seats were super comfortable, pictures on the wall were extremely modern and that light above your table is what you dream to have at your apartment. Even a wi-fi sign was stylish. 

So finally we come to the point modern cafe interior design is what keeps the guests coming back.

Cafe interior design ideas 

Before setting up a plan for a cafe design interior you should answer first who is your target audience. This is one of the most important points to get a masterpiece at the end. Here are some advices: 

  • plan the interior according to the wants, tastes of your future clients;
  • don’t forget design is something personal one person’s mess can be another person’s cozy;
  • modern cafe interior design must have something unique, unforgettable; 
  • don’t be afraid to break stereotypes.  

We found some ideas that will surely impress your guests.

1. The wooden wall.

It already makes your cafe look a little bit rustic. Add the right light and you will get a warm, easy-going atmosphere with a dash of homely.


2. Combinate colors.

Combination of partially vivid color scheme toned down by an earthy material palate will help to make your cafe really funky. Moreover, as experts have determined, such combinations unconsciously stimulate the appetite. 


3. Leave the windows without curtains. 

Especially if you plan to be a coffee shop that thrives on unique and adventurous design themes. If the overall atmosphere is very stylish inside, people want the other to see them from outside.


4. Add greens, greens and more greens. 

If you want your guests to feel friendly, welcoming and relaxed atmosphere, you definitely should put lots of plants inside. People will feel like somewhere in the forest or jungles, and surely will promote you with photos on instagram. 


5. Use modern industrial furniture.

It will be a perfect match with the theme of a corporate cafe. Industrial style is still on the top. It will make your business memorable as strong and independent. The industrial theme takes inspiration from warehouses, factories and usually is associated with power. 

Cafe decorating ideas and pictures

When we plan a cafe design, interior is always on our mind. But didn’t we forget about something? Right… Many owners forget about the decoration. 

We don’t speak about christmas decorations only, which make your small cafe look cool once a year. Most people pay attention to different little things, which don’t even come to your mind when you think about cafe designs.

For example open/closed sign, reserved or toilet sign yeah, they do matter.

So if you think there are things at this business which are not so important, I can convince you it’s false.

As we remember, the main thing that brings your customers back to your cafe is the feeling which you give to them while they stay there. And when they go they have to take this feeling inside. It will turn your clients into your regular guests. 

Cafe decor ideas will help you to make it work.

  1. If your interior is homely, that refers to joy without extravagance, you may use as decor:

    - candles, fireplace or string lights;
    - fluffy pillows, soft throws.
    Believe us, your guests will want to stay at your cafe as long as possible.


  2. Don’t forget about the art
    Always use artworks that relate to values of your brand and your philosophy. It may be paintings of local arts or photographs of the outstanding people.

  3. Use lots of interesting and natural elements.
    Use a mix of wood types raw and reclaimed, vintage jars, stone if you want your guests to feel like in a farmhouse. 

  4. If you’re decorating a cafe and want to add some historic value to your space bring bookshelves, cabinets, heavy curtains and unique decorative pieces. People will come to taste the coffee with nostalgia about the days gone by.

  5. Trying to make something unique and unforgettable, which is impossible to find? Customers will be crazy about your diy decor. Moreover it can save some money for you. For example, walls give you a lot of creative space to use for decoration. Among the trends you can paint one of your walls as blackboard and then create a charm using chalk. Or you can make a quote frame and write new quotes for your guests every day.


So, now you understand that creating an interior design for your cafe is not a simple thing. But, trust us, if you follow the main rule give people right feelings and atmosphere your cafe will surely be one of anyone's first choice.

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  • drink coasters;  
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  • wedding decorations, etc.

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